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Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions


IMPORTANT : All clients and participants in the programs offered by Arpad Toszo, must read attentively and understand the following lines. They must agree with all the conditions presented below in order to be able to participate at any tour, mountain trip, outdoor activity or any other form of activities organized by Arpad Toszo.

Assuming risks. Warranties. Participation in trekking, group tours, expeditions, exploration of flora and wild fauna or any other form of touristic round or holiday organized by Arpad Toszo might involve certain risks and dangers.

These risks include but are not limited to the following situations :
– Trips on mountain terrain, rivers and forests
-Travel by car, bus, mini-bus, terrain cars or any other means of transport
-Accidents or sicknesses in isolated areas, with or without medical facilities with/without the possibility of evacuation against a cost
– Accidents caused by natural hazards
– Changes of itinerary due to causes independent from the guide’swill
– Cancellation of tours or trips due to causes independent from the guide’s will

Taking in consideration the above, and through the payment for the right to participate to such trips or other services and activities organized by the company mentioned above, I hereby assume full responsibility for the actions I take, for the causes, duties, law-suits, requests or complaints of any type, hereby present or which could arise in the future due to the trip or in connection with it, or due to participation in activities organized for me by the above mentioned guide.

I have read this document representing the assuming of risk and a guarantee for me and my inheritance, for administrators, executors and all family members, including all minors who join me. I hereby agree and accept all risks involved, dangers and mentioned conditions. Also, I agree with all the conditions mentioned above and with the payment of supplementary costs which might come up during the travel.

Limitation of responsibility
Arpad Toszo offers for his programs : transport, accommodation and other services provided by various service providers, as well as the guide service offered by Arpad Toszo, his employees, contractors and providers of means of transport and/or any other needed transport services. Thus, Arpad Toszo is relieved of any responsibility concerning accidents, losses or personal damage which might result as a consequence of air, water or land transport or any other means of transport which are independent of his control. The use of any vehicle or mean of transport for this trip is the entire responsibility of companies or individuals which provide these services for passengers. These service providers (physical or legal entities) are responsible according to the existing legislation within the territory of Romania, all incidents being written down locally.

The contracted transport companies are licensed for transport of groups of people, according to the legislation within the territory of Romania, disposing of luggage insurance and accidents insurance for goods and people.

Also, Arpad Toszo as well as his employees, contractors and associates don’t assume any responsibility for losses or personal damage due to circumstances, weather, fire, governmental or any other authorities actions, as well as in the case of war, strikes, terrorist actions, thefts, epidemics, quarantine situations, dangerous incidents on air, water or land, or any other actions and incidents which are out of the control area of the agency.

The guide reserves his right to operate reasonable routes changes (including changes of hotels) when this is imposed, to insure optimum comfort and well-being of the participants. The price is quoted using the current exchange rate and can be changed if the exchange rate varies significantly.

Payment conditions :
– After having commonly agreed on the route and other helpful details regarding your trip, an advance payment of 40% (of the trip’s total cost), is required to be done by the customer, by bank transfer, payable to Arpad Toszo
–  The balance of 60% will be paid in cash, according to an agreement between parties.

Details about canceling the trip :
Any program/tour cancellation is done by sending an email or by calling us (0040-720809964), the cancellation being valid only after you have received an answer.
The following taxes need to be paid for cancelling a program :
– between 70 and 100 days before the start of the tour – 40% per person out of the total value of the program
– between 40 and 69 days before the start of the tour- 60% per person out of the total value of the program
– less than 40 days from the beginning of the tour – 100% per person out of the total value of the program

In case of canceling a tour, Arpad Toszo is not responsible for the supplementary expenditures made by you for the well-going of the program. For example : buying the equipment, reservations at hotels/cottages, buying of plane/train tickets. For any program cancellation you will be sent by e-mail, phone or mail, a letter confirming the payment you have done. We recommend you to have a trip cancellation insurance (storno type) so that, if out of any reasons you cannot participate in the program anymore (sickness, etc), to be able to ask the insurance company for the advance payment.

Arpad Toszo reserves the right to refuse providing services for third parties – persons or companies, without motivating the refusal.

Everything mentioned above represents constitutive part of current contract which will be signed by both parties before the start of the trip.

The agreed price includes: For every program/mountain tour/trekking it is specified what it is included in the price. The price includes all accommodation in rooms, with or without bath or private toilet, in double rooms or rooms with more beds, meals, as specified in the program, guide service during the entire program/mountain tour/trekking, transport from one location to another as specified in the program.

The price does NOT include: The price is established depending on the desired program/mountain tour/trekking, and the number of participants. Also, meals which are not specified in the description of the program are not included. Participants’ personal insurances for the program/mountain tour/trekking they’ve subscribed for are not included. Personal expenditures of any type are not included, as well as alcoholic drinks, clothes washing, private calls or bottled water. Not included on the price is the flight/transport to and from Romania.

Accommodation: Most of the nights include in the program/mountain tour/trekking will be in mountain chalets or boarding houses. The quality of accommodation will vary from one place to another, but each person will be provided with a clean bed to sleep in. In some of the cases the use of a sleeping bag is recommended, or a protection bed sheet. If the case, this will be mentioned. Also, accommodation in different rooms for men and women might not be possible in all sleeping locations, but if special requests before the start of the program, we will try to find a solution. In some of the chalets the toilet and the water source might be in the chalet or outside, at few meters distance if on the route are no hotels/motels. Also, you’ll be informed about these things before the start of the tour.

Luggage: Transport of luggage from one location to another is not included in the price of the program/mountain tour/trekking, unless it is specified. We recommend you to pack adequately for each program/mountain tour/trekking, the smallest and lightest possible, so that you can carry them in any circumstances – thus avoiding unpleasant situations for both parties.

Equipment: Considering that the programs/mountain tours/trekking will take place in open air, on marked or unmarked paths, please be aware that you might need to walk through mud, wet soil, and occasionally, snow. The state of the path might considerably vary during a program/mountain tour/trekking, some of them being in a good state, wide, well-kept, and which follow an easy route for the one taking them. Others, especially the ones in the days with a medium and above level of difficulty, are paths which can cross less walked on areas, situations in which without a guide you might lose track.

The equipment have to contain:
– mountain boots with semi-rigid sole, with ankle protection.
– a Gore-Tex layer boot is even better as it maintains the feet dry during wet weather
.- trekking poles, or ski poles are highly recommended, especially for difficult areas. These poles could also be telescopic.
– rain clothes: jacket and trousers – cloak not admitted!
– each thing placed in the rucksack must be put in a plastic bag, because in case of rain they might get wet
– Cap, gloves, sunglasses and sunscreen. I strongly advise you to carry a cap and gloves with you even during the summer season because it can get quite cold at altitudes over 1700m.
Please, do not hesitate to contact me for any questions regarding the necessary equipment.

Also, in case you suffer of any illness it is 100% recommended that you undergo a medical check before taking any mountain route. By not telling the tour leader or the guide about any illness you suffer of you are assuming full risk for the consequences.

Please, remember you will spend between 5 and 10 hours walking in mountain areas, where sometimes the weather is difficult to forecast. That is why it is recommended to be well-equipped for the programs/mountain tours/trekking you are participating in. By being adequately equipped you will have the warranty that the programs/mountain tours/trekking will be a pleasant experience even during bad weather.

Physical condition: As programs/mountain tours/trekking presented on this site take place in mountain areas, climbing and descending at few hundred meters level difference is normal practice. In order to be able to do most of the programs/mountain tours/trekking one needs to have the necessary will, the physical shape, and last but not least, a good physical condition. As a general rule, if you are able to take a 7km long tour, and a 800m (vertical drop) climbing and descending,then you would be able to go for the majority of the programs/mountain tours/trekking here presented. If you are not familiar with the techniques, the group leader/ guide will be offering you the necessary support. If you have any worries about about your physical condition, please talk to your doctor before joining the programs/mountain tours/trekking presented on this site.

Food : All morning meals will be served at the chalets, boarding houses, hotels or motels, depending on the program. Lunches consist of sandwiches, especially on the trekking days. Also, dinners will be served at the chalets, boarding houses, hotels or motels. Please, mention if you are a vegetarian, or if you have any special requests regarding the menu.

Transport: Mainly the transport is done with private vehicles, minibuses in very good condition. Depending by the number of persons in the group the transport can be done by trains, public means of transport (buses), taxis. Your way of transportation will be mentioned on the tour program.

Water sources: Usually, the spring water in the Romanian mountains is drinkable, but it is recommended to have water cleaning pills with you, to avoid any unpleasant situation.

Weather: Sometimes, a change of route will be necessary due to weather conditions, and for your safety. These changes will be done as agreed by both sides, after presenting all the possibilities, but the guide will be the one taking the final decision.