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Casa Rustica Mada
& Tourist Guide in HD



Tourism... by foot, with bikes, with cars and other stuff that has some wheels.... Well, this is a way to have fun and know our history better! Our professional team is ready to bring you to places you have never seen or heared of.... Up in the mountains, down in the valley, wherever you want to go (tourist guides and drivers with jeeps or other transportation).
The great fortresses in the mountains of Orastie are waiting for you to discover them, old churches, monasteries, all kind of monuments (we have a lot those around here...) and unbelievebly beautiful places will be in front of you if you join the others who are coming with us!
If you are tired, we can offer you wery good accomodations overnight in our rustic VIP-rooms, Wood-houses near the forest (each house with it’s own bathroom!) and if you need a place to camp, we have a really nice camping zone!
We speak several languages,(english, deutsch, magyar, romana) all the informations will come to you directly and we are ready to answer your questions.
So, this is settled then! When will you join us in the valley of Mada? Or shall we come and get you from a specific place? No problem! Just ask us, and we’ll talk it over....
We are here! Come along!

Informations in english will be available soon for all our destinations described in romanian on our page.
If you have questions, please, contact us!